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New leader for the Steering Committee of Trans in Form

New mayor in Notodden

New Mayor Notodden - Lise Wiik and Jørn Christensen_560x405

The City Council of Notodden finally elected a new Mayor. His name is Jørn Christensen. He is 59 years old and represents the Conservative Party. The elected Deputy Mayor, Knut Duesund, represents the Christian Liberal Party. Lise Wiik is elected to Telemark County Council and will be responsible for the board working with business development. As Telemark County Council is a partner in TiF she will for sure follow us in some way or other.

Our new Mayor is quite inexperienced in holding the position of a Mayor, but he brings with him experiences from private sector being the Director of a small enterprise. As for the international dimension, I have so far learnt that he is interested and impressed by the work we are doing in Notodden municipality. He is eager to know more about Trans in Form and thus participating in our upcoming event in Trebbin, Germany. He speaks English and he is looking forward to meet our TiF partnership. This looks very good for the continuation of Trans in Form and hopefully an extension stage.

Photo: Knut Heggenes